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10 phrases to make someone your friend.

Are you talking to someone and unsure how to say the words that will make them your friend? Well, no worries—this short blog has 10 phrases you can use to make someone your friend. Every friendship has a beginning, so it's up to you to get one started. Keep reading to learn how to ignite that flame!

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10 phrases to make someone your friend:

  1. "Hey, we should be friends!"

    1. Direct is best. Being direct is the most promising way to become friends with someone. They will appreciate the directness and will feel wanted, making the friendship more alive from the start.

  2. "Us birds of the same feathers should flock together."

    1. Corny? Very much so. However, they will get the message."

  3. "We get along so well; we should hang out more often."

    1. This approach is suggestive but compelling. It expresses that you two are compatible in friendships, making the person agree that more hangouts may be necessary!

  4. "I love hanging out with you. We should do it more often."

    1. I love calling this one "the hidden compliment." You're secretly complimenting the person by saying how much you enjoy their presence. This will flatter them and make them want to be around you more.

  5. "Do you have an ___________(social media contact), we should talk more often?"

    1. With the power of social media, making friends has never been easier. Use it to your advantage.

  6. "Let's be library buddies!"

    1. This is an example; it can be gaming, class, cafe, etc. Don't be shy; make a place designated for hanging out with this person to make you friends.

  7. "Hey, (personal nickname*)"

    1. I have made friends through this method many times. It's more effective than you think. One of my closest friends started with me calling her "Big eyebrows!" when passing her in the halls. Be careful; don't insult someone, but don't be shy to nickname someone and say, "Hey, gamer!"

  8. "Hey, I have a friend group, and you should hang out with us sometimes."

    1. Inviting someone to a friend group often makes them feel honored. This method will create friends nicely—ensure you have some friends before you try this phrase!

  9. "I love your passion for ______ (something they are knowledgeable about). I'm interested in that ______. We should get together about it."

    1. Whether it's parties or math, building bonds on a common interest is a great way to become friends about it.

  10. "We're friends now."

    1. Does that sound unbelievable? Well, it works! If you tell someone that you two are friends now, they will likely go along. Ensure you treat them as friends afterward, or you will be seen as weird.

You're all set!

Here are 10 phrases to make someone your friend that you can use! Don't be afraid and be social. We believe in you!

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