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Blog Minimum plan

To stay ahead of the competition, it's essential for websites to publish a minimum of 2 blogs every month. Our Blog Minimum plan is designed to assist you in meeting this target by providing 2 high-quality blogs for your website each month. Simply grant us permission to write for your website and experience the seamless flow of top-notch content!

Blog competitive plan

Our competitive plan guarantees 4 high-quality blogs every month to fuel your website's growth and keep your audience engaged. This powerful blogging plan will significantly boost your SEO ranking and rapidly enrich your website with compelling content!

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Blog Maximum plan

Introducing our top-tier plan: The Maximum Blog Plan! This plan is strategically crafted to propel your website up the SEO ranks and ensure ongoing engagement with your audience. With the Maximum Blog Plan, you'll receive 8 top-quality blogs per month, each meticulously designed to align with your website's core message. Despite our remarkably competitive pricing, your website's potential for growth is limitless... metaphorically speaking, of course.

Did you know?

The prices we provide is lower than other providers for the same service

  • According to upwork, the average cost for a blog writer is $35+ a hour, already more than our minimum plan

  • Most charge $100 per basic blog post, the same price as our Maximum plan.

  • Each of our blogs will consist a minimum of 500 words. Many writers charge 20 cents per word. So for just one minimum post, you would be paying $50. That's too expensive! 

  • Blog mimimum plan

    Every month
    The perfect plan to keep up with the competition
    • 2 blogs every month
    • minimum of 500 words
    • $15/blog
  • Blog competitive plan

    Every month
    The amazing plan that puts you ahead
    • 4 blogs every month
    • minimum of 500 words
    • $13.75/blog
  • Blog Maximum plan

    Every month
    The best plan for the best results!
    • 8 blogs a month
    • 500 words minimum
    • $12.5/blog
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