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How to initiate a hangout!

Friends eating at a dinner table

How to initiate a hangout

Attempting to go out with others can sometimes be a hassle and does not always go as smoothly as planned. However, planning to go out and spend time with others is healthier and beneficial for your social life. You should spend time with others and create memories while you can. Want to, but you don't know how? No worries, keep reading, and you'll be the one in the friend groups making the plans! Keep reading as I show you how to initiate a hangout!

Tip #1 - Lure them!

A guy handing a person a ticket

Like an animal? No, of course. However, you must be engaging and convincing when asking people to hang out. The first thing is to make sure it's something interesting with the interactions involved. It does not need to be expensive, just engaging. For example, you can round up a gang of four to go bowling for $10 each. Bowling is engaging, fun, and inexpensive. It is also something that many people don't do often, so it's exciting. Invite people out to something exciting for the best success. However, to many people's surprise, hanging out can be exciting. Here are some suggestions of inexpensive things you can invite people out to.

  • Bowling

  • Boba Tea

  • Skating

  • Movies/in-town plays

  • Coffee

  • Hikes

Tip #2 - Be confident/exciting.

A guy in a suit smiling
A Confident Gentleman

"Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive." — Hafiz (A 14th-century Persian poet)

The idea here is a principle of social growth. People enjoy being around people with good energy. To deliver just that!

When you invite people out, appear enthusiastic. Make it apparent that you want the person to go and that they are desired at the place where they are being asked to participate. This will increase your chance of getting a yes. By making the event/hangout appear more exciting to the person you are asking, you are making it more meaningful and appealing, catching their attention. There are a few ways of coming off as more confident and exciting, such as:

  • Say phrases like "I want to hang out with you" or " I would love it if you came to. " You would make them feel desired/wanted.

  • Eye contact and open body language.

  • Ask a question and then give them some details. For example, "Do you like to bowl?" they respond* and you then say, "Oh, that's cool. I love bowling, and I used to do it often with my family. Hey, I would love to go bowling with you! You should tell me when you're free so we can plan..."

  • If by text, send an exclamation mark and use a similar format as previously mentioned.

  • Smile. This will be your powerful weapon. The sword that slays the dragon.

Tip #3 - Use group chats!

A guy tapping his phone

I understand that inviting people in person is the most effective, and I still suggest you do that before making a group chat. However, group chat is an excellent way of getting people together and recording information important/relevant to the hangout. It can cause a snowball-like effect, making one new group go on multiple hangouts. Here is a format you can follow to create a group chat smoothly.

  1. Ask first. "Hey, for convenience, can I add you to a group chat with the other people? Communication is key, and it would make things so much easier."

  2. Make the group chat on a convenient and appealing platform. (I would suggest a third-party platform like Instagram or Telegram for the reason that Android versus iPhone is a thing, and iPhone users do tend to dislike green bubbles)

  3. Send out a message and make sure everyone is there.

  4. Quickly decorate the chat and change the title to something relevant and appealing.

  5. Use the chat to plan and communicate regarding the hangout.

Tip #4 - Accommodate

A bunch of hands

Be prepared to accommodate people who want to go but have some obstacles in the way. Accommodating is a critical skill for a host to practice, and you should host this hangout. With that noted, I am not suggesting you give your all to ensure the person can go. I suggest you support or try to help the person in their situation. It isn't always possible, but when it is, they would appreciate your efforts. Here are some obstacles and accommodations a person may have and you could offer.

  • "I want to, but I don't have the money to go."

    • You don't have to pay for the entirety of this person to go if you don't want to. I suggest asking everyone to pitch in a bit more so the person can still go. For example, if there are five other people and the ticket is $10, you can ask everyone to pitch in $2 more, which is not a lot, so that the person can go. Make sure to ask politely and be respectful of people's decisions.

  • "I don't have a ride."

    • You can offer to carpool.

  • "It's too far."

    • You can attempt to locate a similar place with the same services closer to your location.

  • "It doesn't best align with my schedule."

    • Try rescheduling to see if everyone has another available time.

You may not be able to solve everyone's problems, but you can try to accommodate people so they can go. Once you handle accommodation, the hangout is all set to happen. While surprises may still occur, you have planned it and can now hope for everything to go smoothly.

Tip #5 -You should want to!

love yourself sticker

Strange tip? Well, it's pretty standard for people to plan hangouts that they don't want to go on to please others. Don't do that because the energy you will carry before and up to the hangout will be resenting. Plan something that you want to do. If you're excited to go, you will have the best results. Hangouts are for you, not for others.

Now you know how to initiate a hangout!

Now, go out there in the world and plan your hangouts. You got this! With these tips, you can do anything... well, if that anything is planning a hangout!

Please leave your opinion or question in the comment! Thank you for reading!

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