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25 Conversation starters to use in College/University.

Classmates discussing homework

Conversing with someone you just met in school, like a classmate or someone you share a club with, can be very nerve-racking. Your thoughts may go blank, and right after the hello, the conversation falls to instant silence. Well, don't worry cause I have made a list of questions you can ask to start a conversation. Think of a conversation like a lawn mower; once you can finally get it started, the rest is easier.

The Approach: If you don't have a game plan for the approach before all else, keep it simple. When you approach someone, say "hello" or "hey" and ask how they are. Just like that, friendly and straightforward. No need to put on a whole show or predict a response; say, "Hello, how are you?". Right after that, I usually ask for their names cause it shows interest in building friendships or relationships. However, it's okay to wait until the end to ask for their names, whichever is best for you. After asking how they are doing, you can get started on the conversation starters:

Conversation Starters:

  1. What is your major, and what is it like?

  2. What do you think about the class "..."?

  3. What do you think about the food on campus?

  4. What do you plan to do after Uni/College?

  5. Where do you like to go to in town?

  6. Which dorms do you think the most wild stuff happens?

  7. Why did you choose this school?

  8. How do you feel about professor "..."?

  9. Where are you from? how is it like there?

  10. What do you like about here?

  11. What would you recommend to do around here?

  12. How do you feel about the gym on campus?

  13. Do you work? where?

  14. What clubs would you recommend going to on campus?

  15. How do you feel about the people on campus?

  16. Do you read books? What type?

  17. How do you feel about the school's library?

  18. Do you have any hard classes? which ones?

  19. What is your sleep schedule like? (people tend to bond on this one)

  20. Are you a coffee person? Where do you get your coffee?

  21. What classes do you plan to take next semester?

  22. Do you go to any of the parties? How are they like?

  23. Do you know any upperclassmen? How are they like?

  24. How do you feel about the counselors on campus? Are they helpful?

  25. Do you know any good school events coming up?

These 25 conversation starters to use in college/university have all been used by myself; I can assure you that they work... just on different people. If one of these questions doesn't work, try another one. More than likely, one will stick.

Two talking over lunch


You may ask what you do afterward. Well, have a conversation. Ask a follow-up question based on the response of the person you are talking to, and go into more detail. However, if the conversation begins to die, you can always use another conversation starter to "re-light" the conversation. Talking to people in college and university is very important if you want to build friendships and relationships in school. Don't be afraid. I gave you the matches; now start the fire and talk to people!

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1 Comment

I found this article helpful because as a first year university student it can be really nerve-racking talking to new people and trying to find friends in a new school. Especially since it's not like high school where it was easier to communicate with people because we had mutuals. There are nice tips, great article!

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