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A woman can be a genius.

In the past, there have been some female geniuses such as Virginia Woolf (English Modernist writer), Marie Curie (Polish Physicist and chemist), and even Beyonce (American singer). These are women who broke beyond the barrier of what is and pulled from within the unknown. They have created what had never existed before or found what had not been found. There are many geniuses in our history (Albert Einstein, Thomas Newton, Sabastian Bach), but very few have been women.

Girls talking to eachother over studies

Why is that?

Well, that is because of the way traditions and cultures are designed. Women have been actively blocked in the past from exploring skills and talents they may of possessed. To express how recently women have been able to pursue what they want, women weren't able to attend the University of Yale until 1969. Only 55 years ago. Yale was first founded in 1701. See? Universities provide classes that polish the skills of geniuses and give geniuses the resources to explore. However, like Yale, many universities didn't start accepting women until the 20th century. Many women who applied to companies, universities, or organization that aligned with their interest like STEM fields and music have received rejection letters that states very bluntly "you are meant to be a housewife". Thankfully, society have changed greatly since those times. However, it is not perfect. For example, Men are more likely to have their writings projects approved by publishers than women to this day.

Women have greatly been demotivated to explore in their interest to conform to cultures. As stated in the last paragraph, letters from organizations told women they are meant to be a "Housewife". For centuries, women's creativity has been silenced and rejected by society. This results in women not having the motivation or hope to become geniuses. Geniuses are dreamers and in my experience with friends and classmates, the dreamers are usually men. Women just tend not to dream as big, and I suspect that is a result of our society failing our women in exploring their potential.

While change is happening, the flaws of our societies past are scars: Hard to break and is apparent.

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Women should and can be a genius.

Society have spent years suppressing half of humanity creativity and potential, only a fool will think that is in this world's best interest. That... is an example of a world's mistake. To find new innovations, change the world, and to make the future better, the world needs to cherish and hone women's creativity and skills. More importantly, need to remind women that they can dream. There have been women hidden who had dream, women who had become a genius under all of society pressure. It is possible. A woman can be a genius.

To the women who is reading this: please take whatever skill or interest you have, stare at it like it was a beautiful ocean filled with wonderful treasures, and dive into it completely. If you are an artist, I want you to draw and create as if you could make a new world. If you are a writer, I want you to write and write like your goal was to fill libraries with just your books. If you are into space, I want you to go out and get a telescope at this very instance. Explore the stars as if you are one of them. Whether it's science, programming, engineering, architecture, writing, drawing, designing, content creation, or whatever; explore it. Dream. Do you want to find the cure for cancer? do it. Do you want to be the first woman to live on Mars? Do it. Do you want to be the woman who explores the entirety of the ocean? Do it. Do you want to be the woman who saves the world from climate change? Do it!

Women can be a genius for as long as they dream. Women should be a genius because they can make the dreams of humanity real. We just have to inspire and let them as a whole. Be a Genius, you can, and you should. Doesn't hurt to try.

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Do you think society is improving on providing women more opportunities?

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