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How to build your audience as an artist on Instagram!

Are you an artist planning on growing an audience to enjoy your art on Instagram? Well, suppose you are, and you have already tried. In that case, you will know that developing an audience is like stepping into the abyss in the ocean: You have yet to learn where you're going. Gaining an audience is a challenging task and is very unpredictable. You may first post something unique but get no attention, then post something that could be better and get more attention. That's not because of the quality of your work, but it's the timing and the algorithm.

Nevertheless, you can build your audience over time and gain support for all your work. It will take time and patience, but it can be done. Read on Instagram to learn how to build your audience as an artist.

Drawing on the wall

1. You need to be social

What? Do you need to be social on a social media platform? Yes, it would be best to be active and social on Instagram. People won't just randomly know you exist, so you must bring attention to yourself. How do you do that?

By interacting with other artists' posts

Comment on other people's posts on #artist or #art. Like and follow other artists and even text some to build an online relationship. Artists are likely to reciprocate, and if you get a bunch of artists to reciprocate, you will have a small, active audience to start with. This audience is crucial because they go further and do a bit extra. They will likely comment under your posts and repost your posts in their stories. What does this do, however? It catches the algorithm's attention. It makes it think, "Oh, all these people from different places are paying attention to this one person's post; maybe I should pay attention too." Before you know it, your work will appear on people's feeds, and your audience will grow slowly. Exciting right? It just takes time.

2. Post frequently

Person holding phone

I'm not telling you that you need to post daily. Especially cause some of the fantastic artists online sometimes don't post for a month only to drop an absolute masterpiece. Everyone's art comes at their own time. However, if we want the algorithm to pay attention to you and for people to recognize you, you must post often.

I have a suggestion if you are one of those artists who create things that take weeks or months. Post either small art in between or post-non-art-related things.

"What? Post things that aren't related to art? I just read an article that says to stick to a niche and not do that."

Well, keep the focus of your page the same; it's an art page, of course. However, you will see countless Instagram pages of people who do things like art but would randomly post a holiday they celebrated or new clothes that they got from their favorite brand. You can do the same. Post a new book you got or your opinion on a specific type of food. Make your Instagram about the artist and not just the art. Understand? Overall, it adds to your art and makes people feel like you're a person they can contact and relate to, making them want to support you more!

When you post, remember to use hashtags!

3.Use Instagram Stories

Now, I suggest doing this daily, and many social media advisors suggest the same. Instagram stories are an excellent way to keep your current audience following. Creating interactive stories allows your audience to interact and stay invested. However, you are probably wondering, "What type of stories"? No worries, we have ideas for you.

  1. Polls

  2. Ask for people's opinions on things

  3. ask about experience (Have you ever been to or done)

  4. ask for people's desires (Have you ever wanted to)

  5. Ask for their ratings on your work

  6. Open-ended questions (Get creative here)

  7. Instagram story games (find some online)

  8. Share a link to a video or website you found interesting

  9. Quiz your audience on something!

  10. Share something to your story (another person's post or a reel you like)

Be bold and post multiple times on your story in one day. Some people suggest posting 3-5 times a day. If you can't do this frequently, post at least once a day. It will leave an impression on your account that your followers will remember. 

Bonus tips: adding music to the stories helps.

4. Use Instagram reels:

Today's best way of reaching various audiences is through Instagram reels. However, that means you will need to practice video-making skills. If you plan to make your Instagram into something big, you must at least have some video-making skills. Watch videos that became popular and pay attention to what captures the audience's attention. Make videos of you presenting your artwork or following artists' trends on Instagram (very effective). We will provide some additional tips below:

  1. Make sure to catch the audience's attention immediately

  2. Maintain good video quality

  3. Look presentable if you decide to show your face

  4. Have background music (Copyright free or add in install reel editing)

  5. Artists tend to show some of the processes that may be helpful

  6. Have good lighting

  7. Include something extra (Ex, a pet lizard in the background). It helps capture the audience's attention!

Instagram reels quickly throw your art in front of people based on the algorithm, which can build your audience. However, sometimes Instagram reels bring a lot of attention to your work, and sometimes they bring none. You must not be discouraged and keep going. It takes time. So even if your Instagram reel doesn't do well the first few times, keep trying because when it goes off, you won't regret it.


Art of pheonixes
By Studio of Minverva

Art is subjective, so I didn't find this tip as crucial as the others. Still, quality is vital to growing your Instagram page. You must improve your art over time and create art worth paying attention to. I'm not telling you that you should be painting the Mona Lisa or making perfect creations. There is no such thing as perfect. It would be best to create artwork that improves over time and takes on new challenges on the journey. Tell a story on your Instagram artist page. If you started off drawing anime characters, try drawing different styles and then improve drawing things like backgrounds or turn to animation. Once you capture an audience, they will pay attention to that. If you post the same thing over the years, your audience may get bored of your work and move on. You must create new things to engage your old audience and find more people who may like your newer style.

Put effort into your artwork, and spend time on it. Try to eliminate any flaws in your artwork before you post it (unless you are posting a draft to show progress). People with good art will attract a good audience. It may sound unfair in some sense, but that's how social media works; it's a competition. The quality of your art is essential, and it needs to be liked by others to collect support. Ensure your art expresses what you intended to convey and captures the audience's attention.

However, I want to teach one important lesson. Your art should be a part of you, not just your Instagram. Create art because you like to, not based on others' opinions. Don't be discouraged from creating if you don't get the attention you want. We need more creators in this world, not less.

Conclusion: How to build your audience as an artist on Instagram!

Building your audience on Instagram is a challenging task, but if you use the suggestions in this article, we can ensure that you will slowly but richly grow your page. It will take time, though, and not happen overnight. However, great things come with time. So remember to be social, interactive, active, and dedicated. That is the key to growing your art on Instagram. Now, go and work on your page. We want to see you grow!

Thank you for reading our article, provided by Survival Wolves Official LLC.  If you have any thoughts, questions, or criticisms of our review that you would like to share, please leave them below in the comment section!

"Good luck on your Instagram page!"- Survival Wolves Official Team!

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Mar 23

Very helpful article and solid advice! I can see lots of successful artists that I follow who use these tactics, and I always seem to see them on my page.

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