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Meet this artist: Benjamin Merkli!

Updated: Apr 12

An ambidextrous hyperrealistic Drawing Artist

Self-Taught Makeup Artist

A streamer

An ambidextrous hyperrealistic Drawing Artist:

"Ambidextrous" is an individual who can write equally with both their left and right hand. Merkli draws hyperrealistic art using his unique ability, which is shown in the image below:

Merkli drawing

Merkli spends time ensuring that his work is of high quality, showing the remarkable extent of his skill. He works both on digital and paper art. Merkli has stated that he prefers to draw on paper because "it feels like you have something in your hand, but if you draw digitally, you only have it in your iPad or whatever you draw on.

Merkli pokemon gym artwork and desk

To the right, one can see Merkli's desk full of art supplies as he works on his favorite Pokemon GYM leaders. Merkli works with various colors, and his artwork is detailed. His setup and organization show both his expertise and effort toward his art.

Merkli's Inspiration stems from the things that he loves. He inspires artists to take charge of any project that they enjoy.

Above is a video of Merkli drawing his realistic drawing of Malenia from Elden Rings, a game he submerges himself in.

His realistic art doesn't stop at video games; he also draws artists and idols that he is fond of. For example, he drew Jimmy from BTS!

Merkli realistic drawing in action

On the right is a picture of Merkli drawing Jimmy from BTS on his mobile device, showing his skills on both digital and paper.

Merkli is an artistic character with a bright personality who spends time and practice on his work to ensure the best quality. He turned art into a beautiful form of expression, grasping his audience like a surfboard catching a wave in the ocean. His works capture his audience with their hyperrealistic feature, like photographs capturing a moment in reality. Merkli creates masterpieces in full detail, giving his audience much to look at and appreciate.

A self-taught Makeup Artist:

Merkli doesn't only do his work on paper or an iPad; he also does make up.

Merkli's Harley quinn make up

Merkli is a self-taught makeup artist who enjoys doing challenges based on his interests. To the right, he is doing a Harley Quinn makeup challenge (Male Version). He was inspired shortly after watching Suicide Squad, a famous movie franchise that many individuals watch and love.

His Makeup work tends to be on the horror side, attracting a sort of fear for his audience interested in the horror side of media. Merkli's makeup artwork would be fantastic for horror movies and short films as it includes frightening features like creepy smiles, sharp teeth, and dark colors and is meant to be scary.

Merkli's self taught make up half face

Above is another example of Merkli's self-taught makeup. The right side (his left) of his face gives a scary clown-like look, while his left side maintains a regular personal look. This represents either the transition of one person into another in motion or the hidden two-face personality within a person—a terrifying concept included in his work that one could appreciate.

A Streamer:

On top of Merkli's artistic background, he is also a streamer!

Above is Merkli's newest game video, which can be found on his YouTube chapter. Merkli plays horror games, from Poppy's Playtime to RPG games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring. The audience can appreciate his subtle humor in video games and his attention to detail. He streams on both Twitch and YouTube, allowing his audience to interact with him during his streams. Merkli has a grand category of videos for his audience to watch on YouTube, a series complete for one to enjoy. Consider taking a peek at one!

More about Benjamin Merkli!

Merkli started drawing at the age of 15. After a while, he took a break for six years, but he returned in 2023 and is prepared to deliver for his audience. Merkli considers himself a carrying person, someone who people would perceive to have thousands of friends. However, Merkli expresses that, in reality, he has one good friend he deems enough. He loves interacting with people and meeting new people. He aims to build his platforms, such as YouTube (building a multicultural series), and he hopes that one day, people will know who he is. Merkli wants artists around the world to know: "

"It doesn't matter how you draw or paint! And never compare yours to others! Never! It's not good for your health mentally"-Benjamin Merkli

"Practice makes perfect!"-Benjamin Merkli

"I can't wait to meet other artists out there!"-Benjamin Merkli

Tips from Benjamin Merkli:

  • Take your time

  • draw what your heart desires

  • may not be perfect the first time, but take your time

  • Use brands and paper that you like

  • Use different brands to create desired skin tones and outcomes. Example below:

Message from Survival Wolves Official LLC to Artist:

"Benjamin Merkli, don't give up your passion and outlook on life. We stumbled across you as a dedicated artist and recognize your efforts in your works. Realistic art is not an easy style, nor is doing makeup on yourself or even streaming. We know the dreadfulness of streaming and creating only to receive little attention. It is not easy, but we inspire you not to give up. You are creating great things; he is going,, an people will soon recognize you. You are a one-of-a-kind artist. Keep doing what you do; we have faith in you!"- Much love from the Survival Wolves Official LLC Team.

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