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Hollow Coves newest banger! "Nothing to Lose" review

Album songs:

  1. Nothing to Lose

  2. Letting Go

  3. Milk & Honey

  4. Photographs

  5. Harder to Fake it

  6. Let's Go

  7. Purple

  8. On The Way

  9. Be Alright

  10. Fact or Fiction

  11. See you soon.

Who is Hollow Coves?:

Hollow Coves is an Australian indie-folk duo from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The two members are Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins. They started recording in their garage before they became famous through Spotify. The group creates music that touches the soul of its audience. Their smooth, upbeat style prompts their audience to appreciate the emotions connected with their music. Hollow Cove is one of a kind of duo, one that makes music worth a lifetime.

Hollow Coves

"Nothing to lose" Review Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewer: Kaze Shadow

"The Album is an absolute masterpiece and something new in the market. I appreciate indie-folk music because it gives an energy that other genres don't and makes you appreciate life and want to live. When you turn on Indie Folk, it makes me walk out, see nature, travel, and go live. Hollow Coves delivered that energy in their newest album. This album tells everyone to live while they can, experience beautiful moments, and be alive; you have nothing to lose. Music like this needs to be heard more; it's inspirational and beautiful. Hollow Coves, you two did an amazing job with this one, and we appreciate you giving us such songs. I encourage anyone to listen to this album; they won't regret it!"

Our Personal Favorite on the album: Harder to Fake it

"Harder to Fake it is a favorite on the album. It's a song that gets stuck in your head that you will sing repeatedly. It's beautiful and, more importantly, life-changing. The song teaches a lesson that many don't grasp until much later in their lives. The song inspires its audience to take risks and to live. Many people forget that time is limited; one day, you will say, 'It's getting late'. Don't wait to live your life; 'dive in.' While I appreciate this song and will say it is a masterpiece worth listening to, give all their songs a chance. They, like this one, teach life lessons and touch the soul. These are beautiful songs!"

Things to point out in the album:

  • Teaches life lessons (EX: Milk & Honey, Harder to Fake it, Nothing to Lose)

  • Songs have romantic potential (Ex, Purple, Let's Go)

  • Songs have a heartwarming feeling that can make one tear up (EX: See you soon)

  • The guitar is mainly used throughout the album

  • The whole album is 37 minutes and 20 seconds

  • The beautiful album is perfect for nature and edits of videos of loving memories

Our top 3 songs in the album:

  1. Harder to Fake it

  2. Milk & Honey

  3. Purple

Message from us to Hollow Coves:

"Your music is most appreciated. We enjoy all the albums you have published before, and this one is just amazing. Thank you for songs like these. Your music inspires the world, and we are here for it! all of it!

This is our Music review: "Nothing to lose" by Hollow Coves. Thank you for reading our blog, provided by Survival Wolves Official LLC.  If you have any thoughts, questions, or criticisms of our review that you would like to share, please leave them below in the comment section!

"Never stop dreaming!"- Survival Wolves Official Team!

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